February Ghiyarvi Sharif

Our monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif will be held Sunday 4th of February 2018.  The programme will start after Maghrib Namaz at 4:58 pm.

The main talk will be given by our special guest speaker Allama Muhammed Arshad Misbahi Sahib.  Support will be provided by Naat Khwains and our own Ullema.  The programme will be presided over by our own Imam Qari Muhammed Omar Asim Sahib.

The programme will end with a communal Dua and distribution of food. Please attend with your family and friends to benefit from this spiritual and educational gathering.

Please see the poster below for details.


Friday Prayers – Jumma Namaz Time Changes

The NEW times that the Jamaat will stand for Jumma Namaz (Friday prayers) are :

First Jamaat at 1:00 pm

Second Jamaat at 2:00 pm

Please arrive 20 minutes earlier to listen to and benefit from the short talk and khutba.

Above times apply from Friday 26th January 2018 until 23rd March inclusive.

Bari Ghiyarvi Shareef

The annual main or Bari Ghiyarvi Shareef will be held on Sunday 14th January 2018 from Maghrib to Isha starting at 4:15 pm.

The main talk will be given by specially invited guest speaker Allama Mufti Aslam Khan Naqshbandi Sahib.

Naat Sharif will be read by Syed Tahir Abas Trimzi  Sahib.

Support will be provided by the Ulema of our masjid.

Please attend this special occasion where we try to remember and continue the tradition of Ghouse Azam, Shaykh ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Jīlānī, with your friends and and sons, to gain the rewards of this spiritual gathering and to  learn about Islam and refresh your faith.

The programme will end with a communal dua and the serving of food.

For those who can not attend the event will be broadcast live on Jamia Masjid Swafia Azaan Radio system.

Click on poster below for more details in Urdu.

Collection/Disposal of old Islamic materials

Do you have an old worn out or torn Quran-e-Pak or Qaida that you need to dispose of ?

Now you can in the correct way.

Some brothers will attend the mosque to collect old worn out and no longer used Islamic materials to dispose of them in the correct Shariah way by burying them. They will collect Quran-e-Paks, Para and Qaida, other Islamic books, mussallahs (prayer mats), tasbeehs (prayer beads), CDs and cassettes.

Please place the different types of materials in separate bags. and bring to the mosque, on this Saturday 6th January 2018 between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. (We can not store anything so please ONLY bring any materials during this time). The material will be checked and weighed, and you will pay £2 per kg towards disposal costs. The charge is £3 per kg if the overall weight is above 20kg. (Note you may have a short wait during jamaat times before you can speak to the brothers).

Please use this opportunity to check your home to dispose of any such old damaged materials you no longer use.