Ramadan Start Confirmed for Tuesday 7th May

It has been confirmed that the first fast for Ramadan 1440 will be on TUESDAY 7th of May 2019 with the first Isha/Travhee prayers (namaz/salah) being offered on Monday 6th May at 11:00 pm.  No reliable reports indicate the moon being sighted so Shaban will complete 30 days.

Ramadan Mubarak to all from everyone at Jamia Masjid Swafia.

Two Isha / Travhee Jamaats at Jamia Masjid Swafia

As in previous years we will offer two jamaats for the convenience of everybody in Wakefield.

First Jamaat at 11:00 pm with the complete recitation of the Quran-e-Pak during Ramadan

Second Jamaat at 12:30 am with shorter surahs for those who can’t attend the main jamaat due to work, will finish with plenty of time for you to eat before Sehri.

There will be a short Quranic or Islamic talk after the main Travhee jamaat.  Please remind those who can’t attend the jamaat that they can still benefit from this talk as it is broadcast live on Swafia Azaan Radio.  (Contact the masjid if you need a radio).

Wakefield Ramadan Timetable

You can collect a printed copy of the timetable from the masjid that details all the times for namaz including jamaat at the mosque, and fasting times for Wakefield.

We have a larger A3 poster you can put on the wall and a smaller A6 card one for your pocket.

Download and print  your own copy or save to your desktop or wallpaper on your mobile from previous links.

Gain The Benefits of Ramdaan

We should work hard to gain the great benefits of Ramdan where Nafli prayers have the value of Fard prayers in normal times and Fard prayers have 70 times the value from other times. We should ask for forgiveness for ourselves and everybody else.  We should do dhikr and give charity,  read and try to understand the Quran-e-Pak to gain the benefits of this blessed month.

We should make a special effort to offer all our namaz with the jamaat at the mosque.