Swafia Isha Jamaat Time Change

Isha Jamaat at 7:15 pm

Please note the new time for Isha Jamaat at 7:15 pm from Monday 2nd of December until the end of January.

The time is being changed to allow students from our second group to take part. We also encourage the fathers who collect their children at the end of class to attend a little bit earlier, so they can offer their Isha namaz with Jamaat gaining the extra benefits of prayers in Jamaat.

You can check the Beginning and Jamaat times for any Namaz / Prayer on the Swafia website at any time. Today’s times are shown in the side bar on the left. If you are on a mobile and don’t see the side bar just click on the menu button – the three horizontal stacked lines – on the top right corner of the screen to expand the side bar.

To see the complete timetable for this month or any other month visit the Jamia Masjid Swafia Namaz Timetable page.

Masjid Timetable App now working better

If you use the Masjid Timetable app to access Swafia Prayer times you may have seen problems in the last few weeks in the Android version. The times on the Daily Timetable Screen sometimes were not updating properly.

These problems seem to be resolved now with the Daily Screen and Widget showing the correct times. You may need to update to the lastest version of the app in the Play store and “reload” Swafia data to see the changes.

Details and update at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.masjid.timetable

You may need to “Reload” Swafia data in the Masjid Timetable app (Select Masjid button and choose Swafia) or use the “Refresh” button in the My Mosque app (on Daily Prayer Times screen) to see the changes for Isha Jamaat to 7:15 pm.