Jumma Times Changing in January

Jamia Masjid Swafia Jumma times are changing

From this Friday 24th January the time for both Jumma Namaz jamaats will change by 30 mins.

First Jamaat at 1:00 pm
Second Jamaat at 2:00 pm

Please note the Jamaat will stand at above times you should arrive about 20 mins before to listen to, and benefit from talk and khutba. The time change is necessary due to the later Zhur beginning time as the days get longer.

This time will apply until the end of March.

Ghiyarvi and Final Rites Session January

Our Ghiyarvi Sharif programme for January will be slightly different from before so we would like to give you some advanced notice.  It will include a Final Rites Training session, that will cover what we should do from an Islamic perspective, from the time when someone passes away to the time they are buried.

Our monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif will be held Sunday 19th of January, 2020. The programme will start after Maghrib Namaz at 4:28 pm.

The main talk will be given by Allamah Fiaz Maqsood Madni Sahib. The talk and demonstration will cover the very important topic of The Final Rites when somebody has passed away. Amongst other topics the session will cover the method of giving the final ghussal (bath) to the deceased. The cutting of “kaffan cloth” to shroud and wrap the body . The training will be provided in the light of the Quran e Pak and Sunnah.

The programme will be supported by Naat Khwains and our own Ullema.

The programme will end with a communal Dua and distribution of food. Please attend with your sons and encourage your friends and colleagues to attend to learn about this very important part of being a muslim.  It is something we should all be knowledgeable about and prepared for.  As always we also benefit from this spiritual and educational gathering.

For more details please see the poster below.

Where will it be ?

It will be held at Jamia Masjid Swafia Swafia which has distinctive minarets and a dome.  It is on Park Hill Lane off Park Lodge Lane, behind the Ambulance and Fire Stations on Brunswick Street on the edge of Eastmoor in Wakefield. Please use the postcode WF1 4NJ in your Tom Tom sat nav or navigation app.

You can get directions using Google Maps to Park Hill Lane, Wakefield, WF1 4NJ.