Swafia Ramadan 2020 Announcement

The new moon for Ramadan has not been reliably sighted so Shaban will complete 30 days.  The first fast for Ramadan will be on Saturday 25 April 2020.  The first Travhee will be on the night of Friday 24 April.

The masjid will remain closed for all activities due to the Covid-19 Coronoavirus restrictions.  You should continue to offer all your Namaz prayers including Travhee at home.  Please note you should not follow any live radio broadcast or streamed Namaz as if in Jamaat, you need to offer your own.

Ramadan is a very special time when we make greater efforts to do good deeds and offer ibadaats.  In this unique situation we should use the time to offer extra Nafli prayers as well as the Fardh, read more of the Quran-e-Pak with translation for better understanding.    Continue to do Dua to Allah swt for your familees, friends, the ummah and the world and that this difficult period passes very soon so we can return to our masjid soon.

For details of how to download a copy of the Ramadan Timetable or obtain a printed copy see the previous post.

We can only open the masjid if the Coronavirus situation improves and government guidance starts relaxing about social distancing measures.  Please follow the website or listen to Swafia Azaan Radio for any changes.



Swafia Ramadan Timetable 2020 / 1441 AH

As many people are asking for the Jamia Masjid Swafia Ramadan Timetable we have sent out an electronic copy.   A copy is attached below which you can download and save to your device.

The large A3 copies of the timetable are now ready.  You can collect a copy from Manchester Superstore on Park Lodge Lane.  If you or a neighbour can not collect for some reason please send a message direct to Brother Gulfraz and we will try to drop one through your letter box.

The first fast is likely to be start on Saturday 25 April 2020. Please listen to Swafia Azaan Radio or look out for messages at about Maghrib time on Thursday and Friday night before for confirmation.

The masjid is currently still closed for ALL activities due to Coronavirus restrictions. These restrictions are likley to last maybe most of the month of Ramadan and beyond. We wil NOT be able to open the masjid for public use until the situation improves and Government guidance relaxes social distancing guidelines. Please continue to follow updates for any changes.

Please continue to follow guidelines to protect your familees. Continue to do Dua to Allah swt for your familees, the ummah and the world that current difficulties will pass soon and that we will be able to keep our masjids active during Ramadan. Ameen.

Please note the Swafia website is currently only working intermittantly so please try later if it does not load properly.


Swafia Ramadan 1441 / 2020 Timetable
Swafia Ramadan 1441 / 2020 Timetable

Shabe Barat and Ghiyarvi Sharif for April

The mosque is closed due to Coronavirus restrictions but we will still be holding the monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif for Shabe Barat.  No members of the public can attend but we will try to livestream the programme on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/masjidswafia/ so you can watch at home and also listen live on Swafia Azaan Radio.  The programme will take place after Maghrib at 8:00pm on Wednesday 8 April 2020.

Mufti Fiaz Maqsood Madni Sahib will recite from the Quran,  read Naat, give a short speech about the great importance of this night and what nafils and other ibadaats we can do in the home.  There will be Zikar, Durood-o-Salam ending with a special Dua.

The hadiths tell us that we should offer Nafli Namaaz, recite the Quran, perform Zikar,  read Salaam, and make Dua on the night of 15th of Shaban (that is the night between the 14th and 15th day) and fast during the day on the 15th.  On this Shab-e-Barat, we are told that doors of mercy and forgiveness are thrown open by Allah (subhan wa tallah).  We are told we can be pardoned if we sincerely repent for our sins and seek forgiveness from Allah (swt).

We are told that we should offer the Salat-ul-Tasbih namaz every day if we can, but at least once in a life time as Allah (swt) will forgive our sins if we do.

Read details of how to offer Salat ul Tasbih in the home by yourself.

Some details of the programme below.