Eid Ul Fitir Confirmation

It has been confirmed that the new moon for Shawwal has been sighted in many places around the world, so we will In Shah Allah be celebrating Eid ul Fitir, tomorrow, Sunday 24th May 2020.

The masjid is still CLOSED due to Coronavirus situation so NO Eid prayers will be offered at the masjid. As indicated in our earlier post you should NOT offer Eid prayers at home. Instead you can offer 4 rakaats Chasht Nafil in sets of 2 and optionally 2 Nafils for Shukrana (Thanks to Allah swt) for this happy occasion.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed EID MUBARAK from all at Jamia Masjid Swafia. Please remember all at Swafia and all Muslims in your Duas.

Swafia Eid ul Fitir 2020

Likely Eid Day

The first day of Eid ul Fitir will more likely be celebrated on Sunday 24 April.  For confirmation please listen to your Swafia Azaan Radio after Maghrib on Saturday 23 April. We will also try to update www.swafia.org.uk or send out a message.


Due to Coronovirus restrictions the masjid will remain closed with NO Eid ul Fitir prayers (Namaz).  This means we will not be collecting Fitrana this year.  You should make your arrangements to send your Fitrana before Eid day to those deserving of it, all those to whom Zakat can be donated. Fitrana is payable at a rate of £5 for each person in your house.

Can I offer Eid ul Fitir Prayers at home ?

Eid prayers are main congregrational prayers which should be offered with the rest of the community.  The sunnah is that they take place in an open ground with everyone from that community present.

Eid prayers can not be offered at home alone or in small groups as their conditions are not met.  Eid prayers are not fardh but optional, you are rewarded if you offer them but not punished if you don’t.

Instead you can offer the optional nafli Chasht prayer of 4 rakats or units alone at home in sets of 2 rakats.  Chasht can be offered anytime between about 15 mins after sunrise to about 11:00 am.  Additionally as Eid is an occasion of celebration you can offer Shukarana Nafil 2 rakats for Thanking Allah swt for Eid and all the good in our lives.

(Refer to Fatwa Alamghiri volume 1 page 150 and Dar Mukhtar volume 3, page 67)

Please watch the video below by Mufti Sahib for details in Urdu.


Swafia Ramadan Appeal

As you know the blessed month of Ramadan is about to finish. In the last few days of Ramadan it is essential that we make our last efforts to gain as much sawab (rewards) as we possibly can, when each good deed is multplied by 70 times, and giving towards the masjid is undoubtedly a very noble way of gaining sawab.

Today, on Jummah tul Wida, try to make your best efforts to give towards the masjid generously like you have been doing all Ramadan.

You can use your phone or Internet banking to pay directly into the Jamia Masjid Swafia account.

Sort code – 05-09-64
Account number – 12113131

Use your name as a reference so we know who is donating.

If you are on Facebook you can donate using any credit or bank card or through Paypal. Please visit our Facebook page post on 18th May “Asking for donations” with the appeal in Urdu. Click on the big blue DONATE button completing your details.

Please watch the videos below for further details about the importance of supporting our masjid at this difficult time.

Appeal in English

Appeal In Urdu

May Allah swt accept all our efforts in this blessed month and at this difficult time and keep us all safe.