Re-Opening on 4th July 2020

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are eased by the Government, Jamia Masjid Swafia will reopen subject to strict preventative measures. The Masjid takes the health and well-being of all attendees and the local community extremely seriously and as such the Masjid will re-open on 4th July 2020 subject to the stringent measures.

Jumma prayers will take place however, they will be reduced to the Khutba in Arabic and the Fard prayer only. All attendees are requested to pray their Sunnah and Nafl prayers at home. The Jamaat for all five daily prayers will reconvene, again all attendees are requested to pray non-obligatory prayers at home. 

All attendees are requested to leave straight after Fard prayers. Attendees are requested to maintain the integrity of the Masjid by avoiding congregation outside. Attendees should avoid shaking hands or hugging and follow social distancing guidance within the Masjid. 

The Masjid will follow strict social distancing guidance to protect all attendees and local community in the close vicinity of the Masjid. The Covid-19 safety officers are Brothers Gulfraz Hussain, Arshad Iqbal, Akef Akbar and Hafiz Imran Mahmood who will ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed and will engage with the community to ensure that all issues are dealt with.

A full Covid-19 risk assessment has been prepared and is available within the Masjid. To limit contact during Jumma prayer the Masjid will use all four entrances/exits to limit contact between attendees. All 4 entrances have disabled access and are accessible via wheelchair. 

The wudhu facilities will remain closed and attendees should make wudhu at home. The disabled toilets will be open for disabled attendees only which will be sanitised by a volunteer after each use. 

The capacity of the Masjid has been re-assessed to ensure that attendees are kept one meter apart during prayer. The Masjid will have the capacity to host up to 130 attendees per Jamaat. 

Prayer spaces will be marked one meter+ apart in line with social distancing guidance. Attendees are requested to bring their own prayer mats and place them over the marked prayer spaces. Under no circumstance must any person pray in any other area. Please ensure that your prayer mat is clean and that is no bigger than a traditional prayer mat. 

Attendees must wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times whilst within the Masjid grounds. This will include a face mask and gloves. Attendees must purchase their own PPE and use them within the Masjid. For those who are unable to source their own PPE the Masjid will have these available. It is important to ensure the safety of all attendees and therefore, without the aforementioned PPE entrance will be strictly refused.

Upon attending at the Masjid attendees must place their shoes within a sealed plastic bag and take this bag into the Masjid. Next to each of the marked prayer spaces there will be a fitted box where the shoes can be place within. 

Throughout the Masjid there will be hand sanitiser stations for the use of all attendees. Attendees should make efforts to use upon entering and exiting the Masjid. After each Jamaat the Masjid will be sanitised. 

At each Jumma prayer there will be six volunteers who will direct attendees to maintain social distancing. During general Namaz prayer there will be two volunteers. The volunteers have been appropriately trained and it is imperative that attendees follow their instructions. 

Due to the aforementioned social distancing guidelines the Masjid can accommodate 130 attendees per Jumma Jamaat, therefore the Masjid will host the following 4 Jamaats: 

  1. 1. 13:20
  2. 2. 13:50
  3. 3. 14:20
  4. 4. 14:50

In order to avoid attendees being turned away for Jumma prayer the Masjid will operate a pre-booking system for each Jamaat on a first come first serve basis. 

Attendees are requested to contact brother Gulfraz on 07795006993 to book their Jumma place. It is imperative that your place is booked as the Masjid must maintain organisation to prevent breaches of social distancing. 

All attendees of the Masjid are requested to have patience and to work alongside the Masjid to ensure that it is a safe place for all by following the aforementioned guidance. We have a responsibility to each other; a small breach of the guidance could put fellow Jamaati’s at serious risk. 

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or are generally feeling unwell you are urged to avoid the Masjid. If any attendee feels unwell whilst at the Masjid, please inform a volunteer without delay. If you are deemed vulnerable as per the NHS guidance or have ongoing health issues it would be advised not to attend at congregational prayers, despite the preventative measures there is always a risk. 

Children’s Islamic classes will remain suspended until further notice. Other Masjid activities and gatherings such as Ghiyarvi programme, Phooris, Khatams etc will also remain suspended. 

Further updates will appear on Facebook and on Swafia Azaan Radio.