Eid ul Adha 31st July 2020

Eid Ul Adha is confirmed to be 31st July 2020 In Sha Allah

Fortunately this Eid we are able to perform Eid Namaz at the Masjid.

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic the Eid prayer will operate in the same manner as the Jumma prayer.

The will be 3 Jamaats for Eid prayer In Sha Allah, the Jamaat times will be as follows:
– 07:30am
– 08:30am
– 09:30am

Please contact brother Gulfraz on +44 7795 006993 to book your Eid prayer slot. The booking system will operate on a first come basis. It is imperative that you book in a timely manner so that the Masjid is able to appropriately plan and organise.

When you attend at the Masjid you will be required to bring your own prayer mat and wear a face mask.

For the safety of our community hugging and hand shaking will be strictly prohibited.

The above is of course difficult as it is our tradition after Eid Namaz nonetheless for your own safety and the wellbeing of the wider community it is imperative that you greet each other without contact.

We look forward to seeing you at the Masjid on Eid. Thank you for your patience and endless co-operation during these difficult times.

Further updates to follow on Swafia Radio; Facebook and www.swafia.org.uk