Bari Ghiyarvi Sharif

Jamia Masjid Swafia – Bari Ghiyarvi Shareef


The annual Bari Ghiyarvi Shareef will be on
Sunday 7th February 2016 from Zhur to Asar starting at 1:00 pm

The main talk will be given by specially invited guest speaker Allama Qari Abid Hussain Chishti Sahib. An English talk will be delivered by Hafiz Muhammed Jibran Qadri Sahib.

Naat Sharif will be read by Ismael Hussain Sahib.  

Support will be provided by the Ulema of our

Please attend this special occasion where we try to remember and continue the tradition of Ghouse Azam, with your friends and and sons, to gain the rewards of this spiritual gathering and to  learn about Islam and refresh your faith. 

The programme will end with a communal dua and the serving of food.

Welcome to Swafia Mosque

Welcome to the web site for Jamia Masjid Swafia serving the public in particular the Muslims of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.

Front view of Swafia Mosque showing entrance to right above which is the sign. Abive this is a dome shape in brick with Islamic declaration of faith. Further higher is a green dome topped with a crescent moon. A creseent moon tops the taller thinner minaret on the right.

You will be able to find out a lot more about Swafia Mosque and its activities.  It serves the local community in many ways as a centre of focus for worship, learning and as place to gather for special occasions.

It provides a place for worship for the five daily congregational prayers or Salah in Arabic or Namaz in Urdu.  The main congregational Friday or Jumma prayers are attended by up to 200 people.

Jamia Masjid Swafia Jumma Prayer times are changing

From Friday 22nd January the time for both Jumma Namaz jamaats will change by 30 mins.

First Jamaat at 1:00 pm usually Urdu talk

Second Jamaat at 2:00 pm usually English talk

Please note the Jamaat will stand at above times you should arrive about 20 mins before to listen to, and benefit from talk and khutba. The time change is necessary due to the later Zhur beginning time as the days get longer.

For the young Muslims of Wakefield we hold daily Islamic classes attended by nearly 300 children.

We have regular monthly Ghiyarvi gatherings in which especially invited outside speakers give talks about Islam and its practice.

There are similar regular gatherings organised by local Muslim women.